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Revisiting Rivers of Freedom

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National Park Service's Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program

Revisiting Rivers of Freedom:

Where the Overground and Underground Railroads Met at Natchez, Mississippi's Forks of the Road

September 23, 2000

A Public Information Forum concerning the recent U.S. Congress mandated Underground Railroad Program

Help us identify: properties, stories, events, sites, etc. associated with Africans in America seeking freedom from slavery.

Your input is wanted.  Any knowledge of factual or oral histories and family traditions regarding situations, runaways, resistance, uprisings, revolts, maroon communities, refuge with Native Americans, 'passer comme blanc', etc. in Mississippi / Louisiana that may qualify as Underground Railroad related activities would be welcomed.  The Underground Railroad reflects all people and all races.

Sponsored by Natchez / Adams NAACP /FSER Committee

Saturday September 23, 2000

1:00 p.m.

At the Nelson Multipurpose Room in the Redd Watkins Vocational Technical Center at Copiah-Lincoln Community College 11 Co-Lin Circle Natchez, Mississippi


Other Events 

(not associated with the National Park Service or NAACP)

Sixth Annual Forks-of-the Road Ancestral Kommemoration / Libation Ceremony (Formerly part of Natchez Juneteenth

Kommemorating: Freedom Summer of 1863 Africans in America, Mississippi / Louisiana, Self-Emancipators / Liberators

Memorial automobile caravan to the bluffs overlooking the Summer of 1863 Freedom Kontraband Kamps / "Black" Union Army barracks, and onward to the National Cemetery.

September 23, 2000 8:00 a.m.


To volunteer, assist with research, or make a donation call (601) 442-4719

The Forks-of-the-Road is an official White House Millennium Council's community millennium trail.  Designated hereafter as: Natchez Trace's Forks-of-the-Roads Hub Millennium Trail

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